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Digital Dealer Webinar: Ramp up your Digital Showroom with SpinCar

May 18, 2020

In April, Digital Dealer sponsored a webinar in which SpinCar CEO Devin Daly and Kelly Auto Group CMO Casey Tuggle shared tips and insights with hundreds of attendees on how dealers can succeed in a post-COVID world.

In the months before a national emergency was declared, a major shift in the way consumers were shopping for cars was already well underway, but the pandemic accelerated this transition. Google Analytics data from over 5,000 dealerships we've partnered with has shown that dealerships are getting 20x more traffic to their digital showroom than they were getting to their physical showrooms.

Your online showroom has become the new front door for your dealership. Now, more than ever, dealers need to focus on meeting the needs of every shopper that visits their website.

Watch the replay of the free webinar below where you'll:

  • Identify the key shopper friction points created by traditional dealer websites

  • Understand the digital merchandising tools and best practices that can be used to reduce consumer friction

  • See examples of how digital merchandising is enhancing every aspect of the dealership, from the BDC to the F&I office

  • Hear firsthand the lessons learned by one dealership in their journey to modernize the digital experience

Watch the free webinar replay below to hear from SpinCar CEO Devin Daly and Kelly Auto Group CMO Casey Tuggle. Learn how to quickly ramp up your digital showroom by taking advantage of available digital merchandising tools and best practices. Watch the Webinar Replay

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