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Women's History Month: International Women's Day Part 1

March 08, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! As vast and visible as the automotive industry is, women still comprise only 17% of the workforce. That number sinks to an even smaller share when you consider women in leadership positions. However, leaders like Mary Barra and Dhivya Suryadevara have proven that the obstacles facing women in automotive can be overcome. GM was the first major auto company to name females to both CEO and CFO roles – with Barra and Suryadevara using their leadership and experience to steer the company in a new direction from its 2009 bankruptcy chapter.

At SpinCar, we recognize the immeasurable value of a balanced, diverse workforce. Our women are some of the brightest, most passionate leaders in any industry, and we are proud to be a part of the 2019 #BalanceForBetter campaign. But don’t take our word for it - hear directly from our amazing employees about what inspires and drives them here at SpinCar and beyond. In the first part of this series, you will hear from the women on our leadership and executive teams.

WIA2017-242 2Andi Myers – VP, Customer Success
“There are so many things that give me inspiration. The biggest would be my family and friends. As a small child, my parents would tell me that the word "can't" does not exist. They constantly reminded me that I should not say it - nor should I let anyone else tell me what I cannot accomplish. I alone am in charge of what I want to achieve and I have the ability and strength to find the way forward. No one is going to reach that goal for me. Sure - the road is going to be full of bumps and potholes, but the results are up to me. I feel fortunate that my road is a whole lot smoother because of the love, encouragement, and support from my husband, family, friends - and let's be honest, my dog too.”


KKKerry Kolde – VP, Enterprise Sales
“The qualities that inspire me are perseverance, a hard work ethic, passion, kindness, and the ability to see every day as a new day with new opportunities. From an early age, I had to adapt and adjust to a number of challenges and circumstances that I had little control over. My mom raised three kids on her own while working two jobs and moving to nearly two dozen cities. Looking back, I realized how incredibly blessed I was to be surrounded by great friends, coaches, and mentors throughout every chapter in my young adult life – all of which motivated and inspired me.

As I continue to grow, I continue to hone in on those qualities and hope I can be an inspiration to my three children. As a single mom, my children are no strangers to change and have learned to develop their work ethic and leadership abilities. Seeing them persevere, work hard, and be thankful for all they have and all the opportunities ahead, is beyond rewarding. They are what inspire me every day.”

IMG_6209 (2) 2Carlyn Harris – Manager, Customer Success

“I am lucky enough to have an incredible family full of strong and successful women. In particular, I want to highlight my grandmother and her four sisters, who grew up during the Great Depression. Each began working on the family farm before they even started kindergarten. They weren't afraid to get dirty gathering eggs, then turn on the charm as they sold the eggs door-to-door. The discipline, determination, and drive that they learned from their childhood carried each of them forward to lead very full and successful lives. I am inspired by the way they each forged their own unique paths - becoming a teacher overseas, a navy nurse, a real estate agent, and a medical research assistant. They balanced their careers with their families and fun! People always laugh when I say I'm going to visit my 90-year-old great aunts and sarcastically tell me to 'have fun’ - but truly, these women know better than most people my age how to let loose, live in the moment, and find joy in their surroundings.” 

catherine3Catherine Alton – Director, Marketing
“I come from a family of strong, educated, and most importantly, kind women. My mother gave up her career in business to raise my brother and me. Once we both entered school, she decided to make a career change and go back to school. She dedicated her nights and weekends to earning her master's degree in education. At a young age, I watched her effectively balance school, substitute teaching, and taking care of my family. This instilled in me the values of hard work, determination, the vision to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. Today, I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many smart, talented, tenacious and motivated women. My ability to continue to learn and grow, as well as pass along my knowledge and experience to others, is what drives me.”

jen-hughesJen Hughes – Senior Director, Platform Initiatives
“I am inspired by doing a good job. I am a perfectionist. I owe this to a group of extraordinary women whose DNA I have the fortune of sharing. In my world, "having it all" and "doing it all well" clash - sometimes painfully! I am a single mother. My primary reason for working is to provide for my son financially, as well as to provide a good female role model for him. My second reason for working hard is nearly as important: I derive a lot of satisfaction from professional growth and accomplishment. I like being a fierce businesswoman. SpinCar makes "having more" possible. I am afforded the flexibility to be both a mother and a businesswoman, performing each role with success. That's balance!”

maggie 2Maggie O'Hara – Director of Strategic Sales
“I am driven to be the best woman I can be by all the amazing people around me. I want to be an example of perseverance to a woman who thinks she cannot go on. I want to be a partner and ally to a woman who is knocking it out of the park. I want to be a trainee to a woman who has dominated life, time and time again. The women who have paved the way inspire me, and the opportunity to accomplish much as a strong and talented woman drives me.” 


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